Your Country doesn't exist - Homage to the splash (Black version with photographs)

Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson
Akrýl á striga
olafur-olafsson-libya-castro_your-country-doesnt-exist_black-version_2010_akril-a-striga_90x120-cm_1200 thus med ljosmyndum_triptych-b.jpg

Texti í verki:
For a presentation of Icelandic contemporary art at the Icelandic Embassy's residence in Berlin, we proposed the Ambassador Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson (Ambassador to Germany, the Netherlands and Poland) to collaborate with us on an iteration of the ongoing project and campaign Your Country Doesn't Exist. Due to lack of funds the exhibition had a shoe-string-budget, so we requested that the Ambassador would instead provide labour for our work in the show. We asked him to complete a painting-by-numbers version of YCDE. Before answering Mr. Gunnarsson consulted with the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs and was advised to not participate and to request from the artists a new proposal. We, in return, suggested that we should seek together a diplomatic compromise. In the original proposal the Ambassador had been asked not to fill in all the numbered fields of the painting, leaving parts of the drawing and numbers still visible. Gunnarsson then suggested to leave the "n't" fields unpainted, attempting to reverse the negation. All parties agreed on this compromise. Later, that same year, towards the end of our exhibition at the Icelandic Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennial, 2011, where the painting was also exhibited, an unnoticed viewer filled in the "n't" with a pencil. We decided to leave the intervention untouched, incorporating this carefully executed vandalism into the work.